To File Downloads for Krynn's Demise Ultima Online Shard

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Links for Ultima Online Programs and Files These files are uploaded to my site, they are not links to the originators site since many of these versions are no longer posted. I do not guarantee these files to be free of any viruses or to be anything other than what I originally downloaded from the originators sites.


Full Sphere Version 51a (written by SphereServer Dev Team) This file has been prepared as single folder, unzip directly to your C: drive, just DIRECTLY to C: NOT c:\sphere

Inside UO (written by Alazane) This is a handly Admin/Scriptor tool for viewing the UO Graphics and other useful files

UO Hue Editor (written by Alazane)

MultiMaker (for sphere version 51a and below only - written by Slayde)

Simple Web Server for Status Page use(AnalogX distribution)


UOAssist  (older version for our server version, step by step instructions for setup included)

UO Curse Tool   (fun phrases and great GM tool for commands - written by R.D. di Giovanni aka Xena Dragon)

UO Home Owner  (written by ?) Program to be used only in shards that use spoken commands for house functions such as lockdown, trash can, etc.

UO Tamer  (written by ?) Program for tamers to use in place of basic macros, buttons for ease of use **note at this moment I see only 5 animals able to be set up in it and also the taming function itself isn't working, but still useful since it omits having to type the basic commands to your pets :)

UO Rudder   (written by ?) Program for sailors to press buttons for directions rather than typing.